b. 1986, HK.


Dana Dixon Conner

Dana Dixon Conner is a Master Makeup Artist in the Dallas area with clientele encompassing the socially elite, celebrity clients, and private clients celebrating special events. Dana received her education and professional training at Elegance International Academy for Professional Makeup.  At the Elegance International Academy, Dana specialized in professional makeup, theatrical makeup, and cosmetic correction.  Dana's expertise has allowed her to work  numerous music videos, television shows, award shows, print,  and freelance projects.


 A personal note from dana

I worked in the fashion and entertainment industry in L.A for a decade before moving to Dallas. After moving, my clientele  grew from referrals. I have had the pleasure of working for amazing photographers, event planners, and private clients. My passion is enhancing my clients' natural beauty in a calm and professional manner and teaching techniques that will help them look and feel beautiful for any occasion!